What We Offer

Our clients today are like Sony Music needing to be Spotify. Most traditional industries today are like Sony Music. Yet Sony Music people can’t create, can’t run, and simply aren’t Spotify people. No one can ask anyone to do more than they understand.

Platforms like Pirate Bay enabled Spotify by creating disruptive market conditions that triggered new competition and innovation. Without Pirate Bay – the enabler – the music industry would still be the same. And now, ten years down the road, Sony Music has failed to offer a viable streaming platform of their own…

So how can your organization be for your industry, or how can your business unit be for your organization, what Spotify has been for the music industry? And what’s your enabler?

We have some answers for you.

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Are You Future Ready?

Digitalization is transforming the competition faster than ever before in our times. And no one really knows what’s coming next. The new normal is living in this constant change.

Organizations and their talents must together be continually ready to transform to succeed… or even to survive. Learning and growing is high performance. You can’t grow your business beyond you and your people – people are the business.

Meanwhile, no one can change or ‘fix’ other people. Everyone is responsible for his or her own growth.

In this new context, the most essential task for leadership is to build, and to protect, a culture in which you and your people can and will choose to learn and grow. A culture in which it’s more important to ask the right questions than it is to have the right answers. A culture that enables you and your people to do what you don’t know.

We call it a learning habitat and it’s the enabler for being future ready.

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The Paradigm Shift

Shifting from the knowledge paradigm to the understanding paradigm…

Moving the world from a knowledge-based economy to an understanding-based economy means making radical changes to people management, corporate systems, and human resources in organizations. It means leading and organizing in a totally different way.

We’ve been living in a world that rewards those who know what other people don’t know, those who have information that other people don’t have. We now live in a world where everyone knows almost everything. With the technological revolution, knowledge has become a widely available commodity.

If everyone knows everything, if everyone has access to every bit of information, then competence – the ability to compete – is not about knowing things. Competence has moved into another area… we call it understanding.

Your ability to compete is about having more understanding than your competitors, not about having more knowledge. Being future ready depends upon continually expanding your understanding, continually reinventing yourself. To meet this demand, every employee must be a leader, not a follower.

Imagine what HR could do with a speed camera that measures each employee’s pace of development. We offer this speed camera… are you interested?

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Who We Are

We’re a Stockholm-based strategic partner to global corporations. We work with large-scale, whole-systems change and transformation – from big picture context-setting to enabling learning, leading, and organizing for what’s next.

We’re passionate about helping our clients become future ready by accelerating their innovative capacity and pace. Well-considered innovation is sustainability.

Client references are available upon request.